Okay everyone. So you must have read that little tidbit I wrote on the first page. Do I have your attention? Good, because this could take a while.

I actually have a clickable site of my own on Weebly. It serves its purpose. I can post my clickables and sometimes people click them from my site. It makes it less obnoxious when I post in forums.

I have taken an interest in creating a site like this, only available to the masses. My main goal would be to make it for GPXPlus. It wouldn't be automated, which is against the rules. I myself would edit and control what was posted.

I have some qualms about making such a site. It may turn out to be against the rules, and I'm not risking myself for everyone else needlessly. The idea is out there for personal sites, and I fully encourage people to do so. It helps with design and stuff. Really.

So. This is about all I have to say. Feel free to leave additional comments. I love reading input from other people. Comment and vote!

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