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For those of you telling me to take this down: Go jump in a lake. Seriously.

Any questions or comments will be answered on the "FAQ" page.


1/20/10: Updated the FAQ page, by adding a link to a Photobucket album that has a bunch of GPX+ egg images on it. That's right folks, I have officially gone there.

1/30/10: I will personally no longer be using GPX+. My account was unfairly banned, most likely for my new clicking method. I would click only all egg parties. Then I would open about 10-15 users parties in tabs at a time, use full-screen to eliminate scrolling, and then click using Ctrl+Tab.

I have found that the mods (specifically Wymsy) have  a habit of banning people without proof that they are breaking any rules. Therefore, I have made it my personal goal to add pictures as well for this guide, just to make her angry. I will not be making another account.

12/01/09: Okay, so here's the deal. I have started my junior year of high school, and it takes up a LOT of my time. I haven't had any time at all to really update my guide. However, it's getting pretty extensive.

There are now 189 egg-Pokemon listed, including the ever-so-elusive DITTO!!!

Feel free to post any new eggs, but please try to put the description(s) in the format I have posted:
Name- [description]

The name with the hyphen directly after it, then the description after a space.

Thank you!