Frequetly Asked Questions - Egg Guides!

But I thought posting egg guides was against site rules. Why did you post this?
     I made this site more so for my own use. However, I do intend to spread the link to this site around. I acknowledge that the sites have a valid point. But on the same note, it isn't that often that you hear people complaining that they can't get certain eggs. Most of the time it's just the rares they can't get. And let's face it, they ARE rares. It's hard to get them and with so many users on at one time, you have to be quick and lucky.

Aren't afraid that you'll get caught? What if your scroll is burned or you get banned?

     I am a little concerned about if this happens. However, this guide WILL NOT be spread through the whole internet. From experience, I know that this site will only be accessible to those that have it's direct link. I don't believe that my scroll will be burned, because I did not create the DragonCave guide. As for GPX, I don't know.

OMG please click my eggs!

     Okay, while this is not a question, I know it'll come up a lot. Do not post your eggs/clickables here. This is a guide, not a clickables site. Make your own Weebly for that, like I did.
How do I get _________? I don't see it listed on the guide! Please help!
Please note that I do not provide a complete list of evolutions. The egg guide provided for Global Pokedex Plus provides information pertaining to what hatches from each egg ONLY. Very reliable guides for complete evolutions of all Pokemon can be found at

 Where can I find good guides for Pokemon evolutions?
You can find very good guides at, as I mentioned previously. Here is a list of the separate Pokedex's: Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, & Crystal ; Ruby, sapphire, Colosseum, FireRed, & LeafGreen ; Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, & SoulSilver.

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